Do You Need A Permit?

If you are: altering an existing building, constructing a new building, doing major repairs, adding a solar collector, adding a bay or bow window, cleaning out drainage ditches or ponds, doing any brush or tree cutting, filling or grading in a flood-zone, wetland or shore-land area, you probably DO need a zoning permit. For information, contact Dane County Zoning at (608) 266-4266.

In addition to a Dane County Zoning permit you may also need a Town of Dunn building permit to build, repair, remodel, add to your home, replace siding or windows, re-shingle your roof, or construct/alter a deck or other structures. For questions or for information, call Kelsey at the Town Hall at (608) 838-1081, ext 206.

General Town of Dunn Building Permit Application. Submit your building permit applications and PROJECT DETAILS to ***Note: For all new home construction, please contact Kelsey to request the Town's New Home Building Permit Application.***

Town of Dunn Wrecking Permit.  Submit your wrecking permit applications and PROJECT DETAILS to 

Building permits may be paid online or in person. To make an online payment using a credit or debit card, visit Convenience fees may vary. Flat fee of $3.95 for VISA debit cards. Higher fee of 2.75%-5% applies with other debit cards and all credit cards.)

Other Town of Dunn Forms and Instructions

Emergency Volunteer Group: Application for Emergency Volunteer Group

Land Use Applications: Rezone/CSM/CUP Applications

Events that use Town roads or parks: Road Event Application

Bartender's License: Operator's License Application

Special Assessment & Charges: Special Assessment Form ($20.00 fee per parcel. Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope and the completed certificate will be mailed to you. Otherwise, include a fax number and/or email address with your request).

Dog License Application: Dog License Application (Neutered dogs are $15.00, un-neutered dogs are $26.00. A $5.00 late charge will be charged for all delinquent licenses issued after March 31).

Outdoor Furnace Permit (Fillable pdf): Outdoor Furnace Permit

Application for Appointment to Committee/Commission: Committee/Commission Application (Fillable pdf, you may either return the form to the Town Hall or click the "Submit" button on the top of the form to e-mail the form to the Town Hall).

Application For Interment: Application for Interment (Prior to burial, the Town must receive a completed Application for Internment and a grave marking fee of $50.00. Please call Kelsey Shepperd at (608) 838-1081, ext 206, with questions or for more information).

Application for Employment: Application for Employment