Hazardous Waste

Dane County Clean Sweep
Hours: Tuesday - Friday: 7 AM to 2:45 PM, Saturday: 8 AM - 10:45 AM.
User Fees: Dane County residents are required to pay a nominal $10 trip fee to dispose of household hazardous wastes and electronics.

Information about Dane County's household hazardous waste program or call 608-838-3212.

Thermostats: Due to health problems associated with mercury, old thermostats and thermometers should be recycled through Dane County Clean Sweep, Madison Gas and Electric, First Supply Madison, Gustave A. Larson Co. or Warren Heating and Air Conditioning. For more information call John Welch, Dane County Recycling Manager at 267-8815.

Sharps: Sharps, such as medical needles, syringes, and lancets pose a problem for collection crews when they are improperly mixed with trash or recyclables. Sharps are a significant health concern for all workers who handle solid waste whether at the curb, the landfill, or the recycling facility. All needle stick injuries require workers to undergo extensive testing, pose serious disease risks and can cause long-term emotional stress. State regulations require households to safely package sharps for proper disposal and prohibit putting sharps in the landfill. Place your used sharps in a red plastic sharps disposal container or a used plastic laundry bottle labeled with a "Biohazard" or "Sharps" sticker. Stickers are available at participating pharmacies or by calling 267-2626. When your container is full bring it to a participating pharmacy or sharps disposal location. For a complete list of sharps disposal locations, please visit the website.

Medication & Prescription Drugs: Medication should not be flushed down the sewer or placed in the refuse. In Dane County, there are ten MedDrop box locations that are open year-round for disposal of your unwanted medicines. To dispose of medications in the MedDrop drop boxes, please bring your unused or expired medication and a Ziploc or other re-sealable bag to any MedDrop location. Empty contents of pill bottles into a zip lock bag and recycle your pill bottles. Leave liquids, gels or creams in their original containers and place them in a Ziploc bag as well. Put sealed Ziploc bags into the MedDrop box. For a listing of items you can dispose of at MedDrop and MedDrop box locations, please visit the website.

Hazardous Materials: Paint, pesticides, poisons, solvents, ignitables, aerosols, sealants, fuel, oil and other hazardous materials must not end up in our landfill. Dispose of these items at Dane County's Clean Sweep

Information on Clean Sweep. For other possible drop off sites call the Wisconsin DNR at 275-3208.

Computers: Computers contain hazardous materials and should be recycled. Janssen Computers, 6350 Copps Avenue, Monona WI, 222-9100 will take equipment for reuse or recycle. Cascade Asset Management also provides some recycling. Call 222-4800 for more information. Dane County's website lists many other options for computer disposal. Visit the Dane County Computer Recycling website

Dane County Landfill
7102 US Hwy 12, Madison, WI
(Beltline/12/18 East toward Cambridge across from Yahara Hills Golf Course)

Clean Sweep & Product Exchange
Dane County - City of Madison

Tuesday - Friday
7 am - 2:45 pm
Saturday: 8 am - 10:45 am

Take to Clean Sweep

  • Paints & Paint-Related Products
    Latex paints if container is greater than 1/3 full, Oil or Solvent-Based Paints including Automotive paints, Solvents such as finish removers, stain, varnish, thinner, turpentine, and furniture strippers (for more information see "Products & Materials to Flush or Throw Away" below).
  • Pesticides & Poisons
    Mercury, cyanide, stump remover, pool chemicals, herbicides, insecticides, per pesticides including: Aldrin, Chlordane, DBCP, DDT, Dieldrin, Endrin, Helptachlor, Kepone, Lindane, Mirex, Silvex, Tosaphene, 2,4,5-T.
  • Household Products Containing Organic Solvents
    Photographic Fixer, pastes, polishes, caulks that are combustible or flammable. Check the label for Mineral Spirits, Petroleum Distillates, Phenol, Carbon Tetrachloride, Benzene, Diethyl or Dimethyl Phthalate, Methylene Chloride, Toluene, Xylene, Chlorinated Solvants (See "Recycling Hazardous Materials" below).
  • Ignitables & Aerosols
    Aerosol cans, 1-pound propane cylinders (NOTE: we do not accept 20-pound propane cylinders), gasoline, kerosene, fuel oil, driveway sealant (if not hard).


Products and materials should be packaged to keep them from spilling or breaking on the way to Clean Sweep. Leave materials in their original containers. Do no mix like or unlike materials together. Leaking containers may be placed, as is, in another container. Label that container.

Products & Materials to Flush or Throw Out

  • Empty Containers & Solid Material
    When a container is empty or the material in it is solid, it is no longer hazardous and may be thrown out in the regular trash. The exceptions to this rule are solids or powders containing pesticides, poisons, mercury, lead, or other heavy metals. Empty paint cans cannot be recycled. Put the empty or solid 1 or 5 gallon containers, without the lids, out for curbside pickup.
  • Water-Based Products & Cleansers
    Latex paints and water-based products are not hazardous. Cleansers or any product that would have gone down the drain in normal use may be flushed down a sanitary sewer drain including septic systems. Flush small amounts of latex paint (less that 1/3 full container) or if not in its original container down a sanitary sewer drain. If the paint is hard on the bottom with some liquid on top (latex paints and driveway sealant), pour the liquid down a sanitary sewer drain. Water-based semi-solid like caulk, joint compound, adhesives, and glues may be thrown in your regular trash.

Recycling Hazardous Products

Many products in this category will need to be disposed through other municipal services or handled through private businesses in Dane County. Information about the disposal of fluorescent tubes, waste oil, batteries, fire extinguishers, medical waste, and explosives is available through the information line at 838-3212 or on the Dane County Clean Sweep web page.

  • Dirty Thinners
    Reuse thinner and other solvents for rinsing brushes and guns. Let solids from dirty thinner, turpentine, etc., settle in the bottom of a clear container. Filter the remaining liquid through cheese cloth or an old nylon until the solvent is clear. Dry and dispose of the particles and paint chips in your regular trash.
  • Gasoline
    Gasoline drained from a snowblower, lawn mower, chainsaw, etc. that is mixed with oil may be used up in your vehicle. Check the gasoline to see if it is clear except for the color of the oil used. If clear, pour into your gas tank on a 10:1 ratio (10 gallons of new gas to 1 gallon of old gas). The small amount of oil in the old gas will not affect the performance of your vehicle. If your gas cannot be used in this way, bring it into Clean Sweep in a container that you can leave.

Product Exchange

Need a pint of stain or gallon of basement paint? Does your roof need patching or are you stripping a piece of furniture? Have the insects gotten to your roses? Just need a dab and not a whole quart? Let the Clean Sweep & Product Exchange be your source.

Products brought in by you and your neighbors that are perfectly good and usable are made available, free of charge, to our customers, or you to use up around your home, yard, farm, or on your vehicle. All products are free to the public. Special requests taken.