Transfer Site

4030 County Road B, ¼ mile east of the Dunn Town Hall.

Transfer Site Hours
8 AM to 4 PM on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month

From April - October the Transfer Site is also open on Wednesdays from 2 PM - 4:45 PM.

The Transfer Site accepts
Scrap Metal · Motor Oil · Yard Waste · Brush, Limbs, Branches, or Grass · Batteries · Tires · Appliances

The Transfer Site accepts:

  • Holiday trees
    Waste Management will not pick up trees left at the curbside.  Trees without tinsel, decorations, or stands can be taken to the Town Transfer Site.
  • Scrap metal
    Scrap iron, steel, copper, and other metals are accepted.  We only accept motors after the gas and oil has been drained.
  • Motor oil
    Used motor oil that is free of other liquids such as antifreeze is accepted.  Either reuse your used motor oil container or dispose of it in the trash.  Don't leave oil containers near the used oil tank.
  • Leaves and grass clippings
    Put any compostable material in the compost pile at the Transfer Site, or compost them yourself at home.
  • Brush and Wood
    We take brush and limbs that are free of soil.  We cannot take stumps or painted lumber.  Dane County's landfill will take tree stumps, construction material, and many other large items.  Call 838-9555 for information.
  • Tires
    We charge a fee based on our costs for disposal.  We charge $3 for auto tires without rims and $4 for tires with rims.  Semi truck tires cost $7 for disposal and tractor tires cost $25.  Tires (rims removed) can be taken to the Dane County Landfill for a small fee.
  • Appliances
    We accept all appliances EXCEPT FOR TVs, computers, electronics, water softeners, and dishwashers.

Questions? Call the Town Hall at 838-1081 extension 201