Property Assessments

The 2015 Open Book session is set for:


Thursday May 7 from 3 pm to 7 pm

at the Dunn Town Hall (4156 Co Rd B, McFarland, WI)


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The 2015 Board of Review is set for:


Tuesday, May 26th from 5 pm to 7 pm

at the Dunn Town Hall (4156 Co Rd B, McFarland, WI)


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2014 Assessment Cards Are Located Below 

Please click on the appropriate link below to view your 2014 assessment. 

Assessment cards are organized by parcel number.  If you don't have your parcel number, please visit Access Dane to search for parcel numbers using the property address or the landowner's name.

Parcel Numbers 0610-011-8005-0 to 0610-082-6234-5

Parcel Numbers 0610-082-6245-2 to 0610-121-9160-0

Parcel Numbers 0610-121-9500-8 to 0610-172-0027-9

Parcel Numbers 0610-172-8070-0 to 0610-233-9290-8

Parcel Numbers 0610-233-9300-5 to 0610-281-6878-6

Parcel Numbers 0610-281-6889-3 to 0610-364-9860-0


Assessment information is available online!
Property information, zoning, assessment information and tax payment history for parcels in the Town of Dunn is available on the Access Dane website at 

The Department of Revenue website contains a set of FAQs related to the topic of "Property Assessments in a Declining Market".  Property owners may find this link helpful in explaining why there is not a drop in their assessed value or their property tax bill, despite news reports of foreclosures and falling property values.  This information can be found at

Property owners are encouraged to read property tax publications available from the Department of Revenue at 

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